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BOLO is a graphic magazine, designed, published and distributed by the Milan based graphic designer Marco Nicotra. 2 colors, 100 pages of graphics, photography, illustration and typography, all mixed together. Different techniques, combined by the main theme of the first issue: “Stars are indispensable” . BOLO #1 includes the contributions from 45 artists , coming from every corner of the world. Among them: Anthony Zinonos, Julia Pott, {ths}, Michael C. Hsiung. BOLO is also a music compilation (BOLO Tracks 1), a screenprinted t-shirt, a daily updated blog and, above all, an indipendent publishing label, BOLO Paper. BOLO  is distributed in the most important cities in Europe and US, and available on the website. In italian BOLO means “regurgitated food cud”, a disgusting thing that nobody wants to see. This is a good representation of combining  different techniques. In this case we obtain a new and effective result.

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